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Snaptec Australia Pty. Ltd. is specialized in the distribution of professional power conversion products this includes DC power supplies , AC power sources , DC/AC inverters, battery chargers , DC backup systems , DC No Break UPS systems, AC UPS systems, DC/DC converters, AC/AC frequency converters and transformers.


Akkutec series DC UPS 12V 24V 48V

DC UPS Systems - Battery Chargers - DC Backup Solutions

A range of DC UPS solutions to provide uninterruptible DC power to critical DC loads. The wide range of options include DIN rail mount units , as well as Chassis mount and rack mount options. The range of DC UPS options cover power levels from small 30W up to several KW. Numerous applications include Automation, security and radio communications.

DC/DC Converters

A wide range of DC/DC converters for numerous applications ranging in power from 1W to 1KW, available as PCB mount or Chassis mount or DIN rail mount. Most of the our models provide galvanic isolation with a few models that are non- isolated. DC/DC converters are often used in most precision electronic equipment. When you need the best DC/DC converters, you need Snaptec converters. We offer a range of high quality DC/DC converters that are enclosed in a vented case, intended for panel mounting. Our GB series are established products and one of our most popular around in the 60W, 120W , 180W , 240W and 360W power level. GB Series deliver excellent output and solid performance. We are also capable to offer DC/DC converters to customer specifications in terms of output power and voltage and mounting. Even if the requirement is for a low volume, chances are we can supply your specific DC/DC converter requirement.

AC/DC Power Supplies

A wide range of AC/DC single output and multi-output power supplies. Starting form 1W up to 12KW in numerous configurations including vented case, external , PCB mount , 19" rack mount and wall mount. These power supplies are available in industrial grade, medical grade and commercial grade.

Rectifiers Rack Power Solutions

DC power conversion products for the land mobile radio, fixed wireless broadband, small cell and industrial DC power markets. Our DC power supplies, fault-tolerant power systems, voltage converters, battery chargers, power inverters, DC backup systems, and Ethernet-enabled intelligent power supplies and DC power distribution panels are used in emergency response dispatch centers, on board vehicles, and in tower, communications and industrial power sites around the world.

Battery Chargers 12V 24V 36V 48V 72V 110V

Battery chargers offered in this section cater for a wide range of applications. For "CYCLIC" applications, our Multi Step battery chargers with timer boost control provide options for charging lead acid batteries from 3AH and up to 1000AH capacity. Some of the features of these chargers include charging deeply discharged batteries, auto and manual boost , Bluetooth connectivity , high efficiency, waterproof, alarm functions , industrial and marine applications.

DC/AC Inverters - Pure Sinewave

Range of pure sinewave inverters. Manufactured from the highest quality components with durability and quality in mind. Designed for heavy duty industrial and marine applications. The range of inverters chargers covers power levels from 150W up to 30KW with single phase or three phase input and output.

Inverter Chargers

Pure Sinewave Inverter Chargers Durable Construction for industrial applications available in single phase and three phase input and output .

AC UPS 600VA to 100KVA

With its wide range of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), ta offeriing a competitive edge to businesses in need of first-rate power solutions. Wide range of power options starting from 600VA up to 100KVA

AC/AC Transformers, Line Conditioners

Durable Construction for industrial applications available in single phase and three phase input and output.

Laboratory DC Power Supplies

Programmable Power Supplies for use in laboratories and test benches, the range varies in power from 100W to 15KW and voltage from 30V to 1500V

Industrial Batteries

Large range of industrial batteries including lead acid AGM batteries for standby use as well as cyclic use, lead acid GEL batteries, Li-Ion battery pack and NimH battery packs.

Solar Power Products

Range of products for use in any solar power installation, this includes grid tie inverters , solar charge regulators , solar switch , etc...

Power Supply Accessories

Wide range of products to complement any AC or DC power supply and system, this includes: Power Cords , Meters , AC transfer switches , 19 inch rack mount distribution panels , battery isolators , oring diode packages , battery protection units , etc..