Snaptec releases new 24V DC UPS unit

New DC UPS for 24V systems that operates on a single 12V battery

Data Sheet
Snaptec has released a new 24V DC UPS unit rated at 24VDC 10A. The UB10.241 has an innovative one-battery-concept which does not require the common two 12V batteries connected in series.

With this unique concept the user gets a more precise battery-management, a constant output voltage and easier maintenance which provides a positive affect to the hold-up time and service life of the battery.

Power failures or voltage fluctuations can cause damage and downtime, which usually costs a lot of time and money. The UB10.241 together with a battery module offers a reliable and economical protection for 24V applications.

The output is isolated from the input, which allows an easy separation of buffered and non-buffered branches. The energy of the battery will not be wasted by uncritical loads.

In times when the power supply provides sufficient voltage, the DC-UPS charges the 12V battery. In case the input power fails, the battery voltage will be boosted to a 24V level and the energy will be released in a regulated process to the load.

The included battery management incorporates a battery charger, a deep-discharge protection and an overload protection to achieve a long service life of the battery.

The availiability of the DC-UPS is reported by LEDs and relay contacts.

The DC-UPS automatically checks the installation which also includes the battery fuse and the quality and presence of the battery. Diagnosis is easy, thanks to clear understandable indicators and relay contacts for remote signaling. Extensive protection features protect the unit against wrong battery polarity, wrong battery voltage, wrong input voltage or output overloads.