Snaptec releases new AC/DC chassis mount programmable power supplies

High quality fully programmable industrial chasiss mount power supplies with power rating from 320W to 1500W

Snaptec Australia specialist in AC/DC power supplies and systems has introduced a new programmable chassis mount dc power supply. The new PSI800 series range of powers supplies are fully programmable industrial grade chassis mount power supplies designed for operation in industrial control systems and switchgear where a fully adjustable and programmable power supply is required.

With power levels from 320W to 1500W and output voltages from 16V up to 360V and output currents from 4A up to 60A these PSI800 series of programmable chassis mount dc power supplies covers the full spectrum of output voltages and currents. The output voltage is adjustable from 0V up to maximum voltage.  The output can also be fixed if required

Units with power rating of 1000W or above have a unique constant power output stage, which allows increased current at low voltages and automatic lower currents at higher voltages. The PSI800 programmable chassis mount dc power supply automatically adjusts the current limit to maintain the output power within the rating of the power supply.

The equipment uses an active Power Factor Correction, enabling worldwide use on a mains input from 90V up to 264V AC.

Equipped with a graphics display and five push-buttons, the PSI800 programmable chassis mount dc power supplies can be operated very comfortably. Voltage and current can be adjusted continuously from 0...100%. The user can also define user profile and preset list of set values, which can be stored and restored. Actual and set values are all displayed at once on the display.

Analogue input with voltage ranges from 0V to 10V or 0V to 5V to set output voltage and current from 0 to 100% is available. To monitor the output voltage and current, analogue outputs are provided with voltage ranges from 0V to 10V or 0V to 5V. Several digital inputs and outputs are available for controlling and monitoring the status.

The PSI800 programmable chassis mount dc power supplies are remotely controllable using optional isolated digital interfaces which includes RS232, CAN or USB.