New SWX 10 - 60 AC/DC Power Supplies with 24VAC Input

The new SWX series of AC/DC power supplies with 24VAC input are ideal for many industrial applications.

Some of the features of the new series include:

  • Suitable for 24VAC input applications
  • Wide input range: 12-40VAC
  • Single output options from 5 ~ 30V
  • Non standard output voltages possible
  • Panel mounting and Din rail Mounting case with screw terminals
  • Six sided Nickel-Coated Copper shield converter modules
  • High operating temperature up to 70 C
  • Suitable for a wide range of industrial applications
  • Full isolation between input and output
  • Power ratings 8W , 10W , 15W , 20W , 30W , 40W , 60W
  • The SWX series of AC/DC power supplies with 24VAC input find applications in security systems, irrigations systems , fibre optics transmitters , industrial control equipment , communications equipment. For further information please refer to the following website: SWX Series 24VAC IN 10W,15W,20W,30W,40W,60W

    Data Sheet
  • Fully Encapsulated AC/DC Power Modules
  • Power rating 2W to 125W
  • PCB Mount and Chassis Mount
  • 3000 VAC High Isolation
  • Universal Input Range
  • Smallest Size and Light Weight
  • CE and UL Safety Approved