The Quint Series of single phase units range in power from 3.5A to 40A and will all operate off a wide input of 85~264VAC. There is also the added advantage of a double dip coating where the units have a conformal coat for optimum protection in extreme environments such as dust, corrosive gases or even 100% humidity. This also protects the unit against breakdowns due to creepage currents caused by corrosion and electro-chemical migration. Another feature is the Selective Fuse Breaking technology which allows for fast tripping of standard circuit breakers with power reserves of up to six times the nominal current for 12ms. Faulty current paths are switched off selectively, the fault is located the important systems paths remain in operation. An example of how this advanced system works is a frayed display cable - the fuse trip, the lower level display is dark. The controller, sensors and actuators continue to operate without interruption and production continues. Comprehensive diagnostics are provided through constant monitoring of the output voltage and output current. This preventive function monitoring visualises critical operating states and indicates them to the controller before errors occur.